*Updated Naval Academy information will be coming soon!*

President: Drew Calcagno

Drew Calcagno is an Honors Economics major from 14th Company and will soon be a Surface Warfare Officer. Originally from Boston, Massachussetts, Drew has led ALLIES into a great first semester. With the help of his fellow officers like Lauren Hickey and Ryan Eilerman, ALLIES has gone on more MOs this year than ever before. Drew recalls his favorite memory with ALLIES: “I remember going to the IR at Boston University my youngster year and meeting the host of the event, who had some jaw-dropping art in her apartment- something totally different than our typical Academy living.” Drew‘s goal for ALLIES this year to create a home for Midshipman who feel isolated about their intellectual curiosity and provide an environment for those Midshipmen to thrive.

Vice President: Ryan Eilerman

Ryan Eilerman is a Political Science major from 23rd Company. Ryan will become a Surface Warfare Officer on the USS Ross DDG 71 with a Nuclear sub-specialty when he graduates in May. Originally from Joppa MD, Ryan recalls his favorite ALLIES trip. “The relationships I made while on the JRP to Indonesia will last me a lifetime. By far, it was my favorite and most educational trip at my time at the academy.” Thanks for everything you have done for ALLIES Ryan!

Operations Officer: Lauren Hickey

Lauren is a senior at the Naval Academy majoring in Political Science and Russian. Lauren will become an Intelligence Officer for the US Navy in the summer. Her favorite memory of ALLIES is attending EPIIC every year and all the friends she has made through ALLIES. We look forward to seeing you again this year at EPIIC Lauren!

Administration Officer: Chris Giraldi

Chris is a Mechanical Engineer major from 18th Company. He will become a Navy pilot in May. His favorite memory from ALLIES is the dinners held at Tufts because of the great food and great friends. Good luck flying Chris!

Curriculum Director: Richard Kuzma

Dick Kuzma is a Quantitative Economics major from Leesburg VA. As a 2/C from 18th Company, Dick desires to service select Marine Corp Ground. When asked about his favorite ALLIES memory, Dick quickly responded with a memory of the breathtaking sunset seen on top of a volcano during his JRP trip. Dick does countless things to keep ALLIES going.