About the Chapter: Wellesley College

W-ALLIES (Wellesley College’s Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services)


Wellesley’s motto is not to be ministered unto, but to minister. Many Wellesley students embrace this motto, serving their country in careers in government, at think-tanks, at the State Department, in the intelligence community, or doing humanitarian aid. Each of these places requires a working with the military, but a cultural and academic divide often creates friction between these military and civilian worlds. W-ALLIES seeks to bridge this ‘civ-mil gap’ while preparing students to tackle complex 21st century problems in an integrated and collaborative manner alongside other college students, Cadets, and Midshipmen. W-ALLIES complements the school’s motto, uniting future civilian and military leaders under their common goal of making a difference in the world. The student group accomplishes this ambitious mission through joint discussion, research, and training on issues relating to defense, government, war, and peace. In this way, W-ALLIES offers a unique forum for future leaders to build lifelong relationships, to grow and learn together and to contribute to a better tomorrow for everyone.


The ALLIES chapter at Wellesley College was founded in 2014. The chapter holds weekly meetings on Mondays 1800-1900 in Claflin Living Room. Special events include film screenings, visits from current military leaders, and conferences hosted by Tufts, the Fletcher School at Tufts, the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.


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