*Updated Wellesley leadership information will be coming soon!*

Student Leaders 2016-2017


Caroline Bechtel (‘17)


Caroline Bechtel is a senior from Indiana studying Political Science and Arabic. Caroline has been involved in ALLIES since attending a Tufts event her first year at Wellesley and feels forever indebted to the ‘Jumbos’ who welcome her and her friends with open arms to their civ-mil club. After college, Caroline will commission into the Army as a Military Intelligence officer. When she’s not learning about the military, you can find her meandering around Cambridge, listening to NPR podcasts.


Ianka Bhatia (‘18)


Ianka Bhatia is a junior from Boxborough, Massachusetts who studies International Relations and Political Science.  Initially interested in nonprofit work in conflict zones, she became involved with ALLIES to better understand how to foster collaboration between government officials, security forces, and aid organizations on the ground.  

A self-proclaimed international security addict, she can often be found discussing NY Times and Foreign Policy articles with anyone who will listen, preferably over a nice cup of hot chocolate.


Sabrina Liang (‘19)


      Sabrina Liang is a sophomore from Diamond Bar, California, who studies Political Science. A nerd for Sino-U.S. Relations, East Asian security, and right-of-center politics, Sabrina got involved with ALLIES after befriending several rockstar ROTC people and decided to devote her time and passion to understanding and nurturing civ-mil relations. When she isn’t campaigning or studying, she can be found reading Forbes and Architectural Digest, listening to Berliner Philharmoniker, and hunting for a good cappuccino. ​