Q: What is FieldEx?

A: FieldEx is a real-time kinetic simulation held by Tufts University’s ALLIES chapter that places over 70 participants in a student run peacekeeping and stability simulation.

A new group of students designs the simulation topic and structure each year, ensuring that each FieldEx is both unique and educational.


Q: Who are you you guys, anyway?

A: FieldEx is a student run organization sponsored and supported by ALLIES and the Institute for Global Leadership. 

Q: When and where is Fieldex?

A: FieldEx 2015 will take place in a nearby paintball field, usually in either MA or NH. Participants leave from Tufts University Campus Center  to a campsite where we will stay in provided tents on Friday night. Last year’s simulation took place in the AG Paintball Field, a half hour drive away.


Q: Will meals be provided during the event?

A: Yes, food will be provided! We will try our best to have many different options for our meals. If we are not able to provide meals for your specific dietary needs, we will let you know ahead of time so that you can prepare.


Q: What should I bring to this event?

A: A packing list will be provided to the participants as the event approaches.


Q: Who can apply to FieldEx?

A: Any undergraduate of any school – both civil and military. We encourage all majors to apply as well, even (and especially) those who may not have previous academic background in the topic. Graduate students are welcome to participate through our adviser role.


Q: What have previous simulations in the past been about?

A: Previous simulation themes have included water rights conflict, the megacity, election monitoring, and ethno-religious conflict.

A complete list of previous simulations can be found on our “Past FieldEx Simulations” page. 

Q: What is the in-simulation structure of FieldEx ?

A: All participants will receive background guides on the situation and their roles prior to the start of the simulation. The roles assigned include military, civilians, politicians, and other power figures. Advisors are assigned to help guide the students in the simulation so that there will be an authentic, exciting experience. FieldEx is broken up into three simulation blocs.  Each bloc is followed by a debriefing period, which explains the developments of the simulation.  

Q: Can someone who requires special accommodations participate?

A: The FieldEx team would be happy to work with you to facilitate your participation at the event. Please contact us at fieldex@alliescivmil.org with inquiries.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my own paintball equipment to the event?

A: No. All paintball supplies will be provided by AG Paintball at the field after participants receive appropriate safety training.