FieldEx 2010

The central premise of FieldEx 2010 builds upon COINEX 2009. After a successful intervention during COINEX 2009, the international community must now address post- conflict reconstruction.  After the oppressive government was removed from power, the territory was still struggling with a stable transition towards democracy.  With the coming elections represented a turning point in the country’s post conflict reconstruction, the mission of the international presence has shifted to focus to their success.

Actors: Coalition forces, National police, Civilians, International assistance mission, International journalists, Village leaders, Political candidates, Insurgents

Advisors: MALD candidates the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Location:  P&L Paintball, Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Directors: Eileen Guo.

Board Members:  Eric Peckham, Arjun Verma, Yamila Jean, Katie Monson, Jennifer Dan-Fenwick, and Ben Ross.