FieldEx 2011

FieldEx 2011 centered on a political and humanitarian crisis in a fragile, ethnically divided state. The Prime Minister, largely responsible for uniting the country, was assassinated on the eve of a major political event, exacerbating ethnic tension between the powerful minority group and the oppressed majority. The situation turned violent, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. With a humanitarian emergency looming, the international community intervened to provide assistance to the displaced. As the violence continued, the international community had to re-evaluate its mission – should it continue to provide solely humanitarian assistance, or should it play an active role in conflict resolution?

Actors: National military, Majority politicians, Minority politicians, Armed rebels, International NGO workers, International peacekeepers, International conflict resolution specialists, Journalists.

Advisors: COL Dale Buckner, LT Rob Ness, LT Ann Gibbon, MAJ Kent Park.

Location:  Ultimate Battleground, Bourne, MA.