Tufts Programming and Events

Past Events
The Tufts ALLIES chapter is proud to present several programming events throughout the year, from conferences and simulations or art exhibits and movie nights. Check out some of the exciting events we’ve hosted before.

LGBT Service in the Military: Past, Present, and Future: Mr. Denny Meyer presents a lecture on LGBT service in the military. Mr. Meyer works with American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER), and is a gay Vietnam veteran with decades of experience. He currently serves as both the AVER national Public Affairs Officer and Vice President of Veterans Affairs.

Cybersecurity and Civ-Mil Lecture: Famous cryptographer and security technologist Bruce Schneier presents a lecture on the collision of the civilian and military spheres when it comes to the government’s role in cyberspace and data collection.

Combat Paper: An exhibit of artwork made by veterans on re-purposed combat fatigues that helped them address PTSD and other emotional and psychological effects of warfare.

FieldEx: A yearly event held near the Tufts campus, FieldEx seeks to expose participants to the difficulties of decision making during conflict through a kinetic simulation. Check out the FieldEx website for more information about this year’s event.

Veteran’s Day Panel: As part of a year-long focus on veterans’ issues, we organized a panel featuring three veterans to discuss their personal experiences with reintegration into society after their service.

Ethics of War Event: ALLIES partnered with another IGL-affiliated group, the New Institute for Middle East Peace, as well as a number of other student groups, to create an event that would bring in students from a range of groups from different ethnic communities, both religious and non-religious, to discuss the morality of war.

Video Teleconference: This fall, we were able to organize a video teleconference in which students were able to talk with Col. William Ostlund from his office in Zabul province, Afghanistan on his mission to train Afghan security forces and the upcoming drawdown of American forces in the country.

Day of Service: The Friday of Veterans’ Day weekend, ALLIES members joined students from Fletcher, including many of the Fletcher Military Fellows and Fletcher veterans in a day of service at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans in downtown Boston.

Fall Internship Panel: As the season for applying for internships approached, we decided to host a panel to advise students on how best to go about applying for summer internships.

Discussion with Gen. Stanley McChrystal: Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal (Comd. ISAF) visited Tufts University. While he was here, he met 20 student leaders, five of which were affiliated with Tufts ALLIES, and engaged in a meaningful discussion on public service.