Events and Programs

On a National Level, ALLIES hosts several events throughout the year, with responsibilities shared between the Tufts, West Point, Naval, and Air Force chapters.  Inter-chapter collaboration is an essential part of ALLIES in all these events, through Joint Education, Joint Research, and Joint Training between cadets and students.

The Joint Research Project involves civil-military research of other nations. The 2015 JRP focused on Poland under the guidance of LCDR Prager.

Joint Education

  • Annual multi-day conference examining various aspects of civil-military relations, rotates between the chapters
  • Keynote speakers, panels, breakout sessions, simulation
  • Last year’s topic was “Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief in the Event of a Catastrophic Typhoon and Tsunami in the Pacific” and was held at the United States Military Academy, West Point. This years topic will be announced soon and is to be held this spring, 2016, at West Point.
  • Past topics have included:
    • “The Changing Strategic Environment of the Middle East and North Africa and Evolving Civil-Military Relations” held at Tufts University, February 26-27, 2014.  Keynote: Kathleen Hicks
    • “A New Way Forward: Realigning America’s Identity and Strategy” held at Boston University, January 25-27, 2013.  Keynotes: the Honorable Michèle Flournoy and Capt. Wayne Porter, USN
    • “Picking Up the Pieces: Post Conflict Civil-Military Relations” held at Tufts University, December 2-4, 2011. Keynote: Col. William Ostlund, USA, and ALLIES INSPIRE Fellow.
  • Extended research project in a foreign country each summer
  • Civilian and military students investigate civ-mil topics of shared interest in an integrated civ-mil setting
  • Past locations have included: Rwanda in the Summer of 2012, Turkey in the Summer of 2013, Indonesia in the Summer of 2014, and Poland in the Summer of 2015.
  • Summer 2016’s JRP will be held in South Africa.

Joint Training

FieldEx participants discussing their strategy

FieldEx participants discussing their strategy

  • Interdisciplinary simulation planned by Tufts undergraduate and graduate students
  • Conflict resolution simulation which exposes participants to decision-making difficulties during conflict
  • Previous themes have included: water conflict, and slum clearing and national sovereignty.
  • This year’s scenario is yet to be announced, but will be held in the spring.