Joint Research Project

ALLIES’ Joint Research Project (JRP) is conducted annually in the summer. It allows civilian and military students to live and work together in a foreign country while conducting academic research on civil-military relations in other countries. Each ALLIES chapter sends 3-4 students, including cadets and midshipmen from the Naval Academy, the US Military Academy at West Point, and the US Air Force Academy, and students from Tufts University.

In the past, delegations have conducted research in Turkey, Jordan, Panama, Chile, Rwanda and Ukraine. Once the student participants from each school are selected after an intensive application process, they work together to plan the budget, logistics (housing, food, and transport), and research elements of the project, which typically lasts 3-4 weeks.

JRP research involves conducting in-person interviews with military personnel, civilian government officials, journalists, diplomats and any others with expertise in the subject. Prior to departure, each student participant identifies a specific research focus that appeals to both their own interests and civilian-military relations, and write a 15-20 page literature review on the country they intend to visit to ensure they have the proper historical background. During the trip, the students live, work, and conduct their research together in-country. After they return home, they individually write a 20-30 page research paper and contribute to a joint document elaborating on policy recommendations and lessons learned during the trip.

The JRP furthers ALLIES core mission of improving civil-military relations by fostering relationships between future military and civilian leaders, building experience working together, and increasing students’ awareness and knowledge of civil-military relations around the globe. The 2014 JRP will be conducted in Indonesia.