FieldEx 2012

FieldEx 2012 explored a water rights conflict over a vital river forming the border between two countries. After one country began building a hydroelectric plant on its side of the border, the possibility of limited water flow to the neighboring country put regional security in jeopardy. The company building the dam hired a multinational private military contractor to protect the facility, and a UN Environmental Programme dispatched a team to analyze the water in the downstream country. Political representatives of both countries convened to discuss the issue as the border became increasingly militarized. Meanwhile, the constituents of the downstream country launched several protests to halt dam construction, while elements within their group resorted to violent revolt.

Actors: Private Military Contractors, two countries’ militaries, civilian farmers, opposing politicians, NGO workers, Environmental Programme officials, and journalists.

Advisors: Cristos Eleftheriou, Lucas Kello, Morgan Lerette, Vijay Saraswat, and Gaurav Tiwari. 

Location:  Ultimate Battleground, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

Directors: Konrad Gessler, and Aparna Ramanan. 

Board Members: Sarah Butterfield, Jon Garbose, Michael Marks, Anna Patten and Joe Sax