FieldEx 2013

FieldEx 2013 focused on a massive metropolitan center – the megacity – and examined an emerging country’s political and economic development. The study revealed municipal officials eager to join the developed world, and disenfranchised citizens sustaining themselves through shadow economies while protecting their homes from local militias. When the country’s firebrand president launched a program to clear the city’s slums on the eve of a major international sporting event, city law enforcement resolved to relocate certain slums and snuff out the smuggling rings within them. As the World Games drew closer, the government had to reduce violence and organized crime while keeping their heavily militarized police units from sparking revolt in the densely-packed slums. The people of the slums had to negotiate with the government to secure their political enfranchisement and basic needs, while traversing the volatile landscape of criminal elements and armed groups.

Actors: Military Police, Civilian Police, semi-sovereign gang, citizens including elected members of a Resident’s Association, journalists, city-level politicians, and state-level politicians.

Advisors: Lucas Kello, Morgan Lerette, Connor Maher, Amit Paz, Chris Ocasio.

Location:  AG Paintball, Weare, New Hampshire.

Directors: Becca Dewey, Joe Sax, Steve Yu.
Board Members:
Will Beckham, Roland Gillah, Allison Jeffery, Paula Kates, Ananda Paez, Brian Pollock.