FieldEx 2014

FieldEx 2014 explored religious and ethnic strife in the context of a multi-ethnic post-colonial nation. The scenario took place in a fictional nation wherein the minority ethnic group controls most of the nation’s government and systematically oppresses the majority group. Furthermore, religious differences between the two groups lead to escalating tension. The backdrop for FieldEx 2014 was the government’s seizure of a holy site that is revered by the majority group. In this scenario, an international force was present in the area and attempting to introduce resolution to the situation.

Actors: Peacekeepers, religious leaders, politicians, majority and minority protesters, journalists, military forces.

Advisors: Kati Lary, Nicholas Makinster, Katie Monson, Grant Peehler.

Location:  AG Paintball, Weare, New Hampshire.

Directors: Michael Marks and ShanZhi Thia.

Board Members: Isabella Connelly, Maria Jose Fabre, Jenny Fang, Matt Felsenfeld, Christopher Garcia, Roland Gillah, Sean Gunn, Allison Jeffery, Kate Okker-Edging, Sam Whitefield.